Tuesday, 29 March 2016

20 "Mistakes" That You Should Make in Your 20s

20 "Mistakes" That You Should Make in Your 20s Image
Some mistakes are good to make. That’s how we learn, and get embarrassing stories. And if you’re in your twenties, you’re probably making mistakes anyway, so you might as well focus on making the right mistakes. Don’t panic, fellow “adults”: you can (and should!) mess up a ton, without ruining the rest of your life.
  1. So you’ve graduated—and realized that you picked the complete wrong major. That’s ok! Harrison Ford started out as a carpenter! The words on your degree don’t seal your fate.
  2. Dating someone totally wrong for you. (Well, now you know)
  3. Taking a job that you hate. Spoiler alert: your first job is not going to be your dream job.
  4. Taking five jobs you hate. (Look, most people work a lot of places before they find their calling)
  5. Giving that guy who was totally wrong for you a second chance. (Ok, well now you know)
  6. Spending your money on stupid things. Yes, you chose concert tickets over groceries this month but… oh well?
  7. Giving him a third chance. (Will you ever learn??)
  8. Thinking you can drink as much as you did in high school. Oof. Being hungover at work is not cute.
  9. Following someone else’s dream. Wait, I don’t actually want to be a poet at all. These past three years have been a complete waste. I feel so free!
  10. Leaving your dream job for the love of your life. Or leaving the love of your life for your dream job. (Chances are, you chose the thing that mattered more in the long run)
  11. “Reinventing” yourself with a questionable haircut, tattoo or piercing. (Better yet, cut your own hair) Now your future children will have some prime pictures to laugh at.
  12. Dismissing your parent’s advice. Or following your parent’s advice, when deep down you know it’s not what’s right for you. You’ll find the balance eventually.
  13. Pretending to know adult things, but really, really not knowing adult things. Taxes?? Health insurance??? 401Ks???? What do people wear to weddings???????
  14. Thinking you can eat like you did when you were a teenager. (I still love you, bread, but I’m going to have to see other food groups…)
  15. Drifting away from old friendships. It’s never fun to lose touch with someone, but if you’re really friends, you’ll find your way back to each other.
  16. Thinking you’re all grown up now. Ha.
  17. Feeling like everyone else is doing better than you. But actually no one has it together! They’re all just as scared and confused and envious and hungry as you are! Hooray!
  18. Avoiding breaking up with someone out of fear and/or laziness. (If you drag it out long enough, maybe they’ll just break up with you! Or just forget that you’re dating!)
  19. Wasting large swathes of time re-watching TV shows you’ve already watched. You can’t spend every waking moment obsessing about how uncertain your future is.
  20. Failing. It’s not the falling down, but the staying down.

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